Foot care tips for seniors

As you age you are more prone to problems with your feet including corns, callus, fungal nail infections, involuted nails and athlete’s foot. This is because the skin becomes thinner and less elastic and the nails become thicker and more brittle.

If you are having problems caring for your feet you are not alone. Age UK estimates that almost 1-in-3 people older people can’t cut their toenails. This may be due to difficulty reaching the feet or failing eyesight.

Here’s where a Foot Health Practitioner or Chiropodist can help.

As well as treating existing problems you may have such as corns, callus or ingrown toenails they will:

  • Cut and file your toenails so they don’t press on your shoes or get caught on your socks or tights. Keeping nails short and neat is very important as if they get damaged fungus and bacteria can get in and cause an infection.
  • File and moisturise hard skin. This helps prevent painful callus and corns from developing.
  • Check for cracks, blisters, chillblains and ulcers which may lead to infection. This is particularly important for diabetic patients.
  • Check for athlete’s foot between and under the toes. This can be difficult to detect when your can’t see your feet clearly.
  • Examine your footwear and socks to see if they are contributing to the problem and advise on suitable alternatives if necessary.

If you look after your feet they will look after you and give you many more years of loyal service. Book an appointment with me today and enjoy healthy feet for life!

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